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Privacy Policy

 There is no need to be concerned about your data when using Studymaker.in. We take great care with your personal information and anything else you submit on studymaker.in.

The information you enter is only shared with third parties that may contact us for our services. The names of the institutions listed are the thirdparties. The information provided to them would be your name, e-mail, or phone number.

You can modify or delete whatever you write in the area below. You may easily delete and amend the remark or any other details. If there are some unsuitable words, the website operators can do the same. If we have certain rights over you, you have some rights over us as well. You can request that your data be deleted or modified.

To track site traffic, we utilize Google Analytics. The data is utilized to provide a positive viewing experience or to develop ideas to improve our services.

The viewer's geographical location, network location, and IP address are all included in the data. Studymaker.in does not disclose any details, and we cannot utilize the information directly. As a result, our users' data is entirely secure.

We can only contact you via email if you provide us with your contact information. You can do this by registering your names or by sending us an email.

Your personal information may also be utilized by Studymaker.in to recommend the best institution in any city/town/state of your choice. That would only be done if you approach us.

We employ all available measures to keep your data safe, including administrative, physical, and electronic safeguards. We'd like to be completely honest with you and say that we don't guarantee data security.

We will update our terms and agreements constantly to offer better services.

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