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Top 6 Nanny Training Institutes In Jalandhar

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If you are looking out for the top Nanny Training Course in Jalandhar, this is the right place. Before that let's take a quick look at the career opportunities a student will get after the training, responsibilities of a nanny, and the qualifications required to become a nanny.


There is no degree required to become a nanny. But the candidate should be 12th pass. Skills hold more value than qualifications, for e.g., a nanny should be patient, tolerant, reliant, loving, etc.


A nanny is responsible for the child's bathing and dressing. He/She has to look after a child's nutritional needs and so they also have to prepare, plan and feed a child. A nanny has to create a safe environment for the child and teach them about hazardous objects.

They also have to change their diapers and provide potty training. He/she has to take care of the child's laundry as well. Except for these, there are many other responsibilities that a nanny has to take care of.


A person can make a career as a Nanny and some of the career opportunities are:
  • Maternity nurse
  • Nursery nurse
  • Support Worker
  • Teaching assistant
  • They even get to make a career abroad
Whereas to become a specialist in this field, the levels to become a Nanny are: 
  • Parent's Helper
  • Babysitter
  • Nanny
  • Family Assistant 
  • Professional Nanny
  • Specialist 


Listed below are the top 6 nanny coaching academies in Jalandhar. We have tried to list down the courses, modules, or topics covered under the Nanny Course.


IBI Institute of Nanny has over 10 years of experience in the training field. This Nanny coaching academy in Jalandhar provides flexible training hours, provides a good learning environment and the trainees will get to learn under the guidance of experts in this field.
Besides providing courses in Nanny training, IBI also provides free consultancy and guides the aspirant through the whole visa process. One of the benefits of pursuing this course is that you can work internationally or any aspirant who dreams to settle abroad can opt for the nanny course and pursue this as a career.
So, the nanny course under IBI Institute of Nanny includes 2 modules:
  • Old Care
  • Child Care 
The topics covered under the nanny course include :
  • Household Management
  • Childhood Development
  • Nutrition and Food
  • Old Care
  • Managing a Child's behavior
  • Looking after a disabled person
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Health and safety knowledge. 
To know more, visit or contact them :
Address: SCO A 119 ( Bus Stand), Puda Complex-2, Jalandhar 
Contact No: 0953-051-0155
Timings : 10am - 6pm 

So far, this nanny training center in Jalandhar has provided excellent services to over 1000 children, 500 parents, and over 500 senior citizens. NIDS has its branches both in Gurgaon and Jalandhar.
The course content includes the following modules :
  • Nutrition and Cooking
  • Special Needs Care
  • Fitness
  • Fire Safety
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Water Safety
  • CPR and First aid
  • Provide both English and French classes
The syllabus covers both theoretical and practical parts. The theory part covers topics such as - Child's language development, nutritional needs of a child, social development, Communicational skills, Personal hygiene, Child's growth and development, etc.

The practical part includes maintaining records and reporting them to the parents, observing the child's playing pattern, teaching about safety equipment, identifying dangerous articles, planning meals, etc.

Course Duration: 6 months

To know more, visit or contact them :

Address : Opposite Dera Satkartar , Near Masand Chownk 
Model Town Road , Jalandhar 
Contact No: + 91 181-509-4556
+91 965-024-0845
Timings : 9am - 6pm 

Times Nanny Course in Jalandhar has been providing its services in many fields such as IELTS, PTE, Nanny, Spoken English, TOEFL, OET, etc for the past 20 years. The institute offers guidance on how to make a career as a Nanny abroad.
This Nanny training institute is one of the oldest centers in Jalandhar which makes it the best nanny training academy. So far they have trained over 15,000 students.
To know more about the courses they provide, visit or contact them :
Address: Kuber Complex, 112, Ranjit Nagar Park Rd ( Near Bus Stand) 
Ranjit Nagar , Jalandhar 
Contact No: 0981-400-0527
Timings : 9am -5pm ( Monday to Friday ) , 10am-2pm ( Saturday ) 

Legal Nanny Services has been providing nanny training in Jalandhar for the past 17 years. They provide ample services such as - First aid, Child care, Nanny Care, Old Age Care, Personality development, IELTS, Interview preparation, etc.
The 6 monthly diploma course aims at training the students to deal with young children. As the caregiver and handling the responsibility of a child, the nanny has to develop certain skills - they have to focus on the child's personal, social, language, nutritional development, and many more.
You can also grab the knowledge online as they provide both offline and online classes. You can also book a free consultation session to get detailed knowledge about the course they provide.
Course Duration: 6 months
To know more, visit or contact them :
Address: Central Market, NS Tower, First floor
Near Narinder Cinema , Jawahar Nagar , Jalandhar  
Contact No: 0832-000-3332
Overseas Caregiver was established in the year 2002. There are several courses provided by the - English Speaking, Hospitality training, Nanny, Interview Preparation and Personality development.
Therefore, the nanny course covers 2 topics :
  • Old Care
  • Child Care
Under Child Care, they teach how to look after a child and cover all of their nutritional, fitness, personal, language, needs, and development. On the other hand, under old or elderly care, the caretaker has to look out for their personal and social growth. All the major aspects are covered under both the modules.

To gain detailed insight regarding the courses, visit or contact them :
Address: SCO-31, 3rd Floor, Arora Prime Tower 
Near President Hotel, G.T. Road, Jalandhar 
Contact No: 0181-508-6167 ,5062199
Timings : 9am- 6pm 

Another best Nanny course center in Jalandhar is the Guru Academy. Various courses provided by them include - Children's health, Basic Child safety, Discipline in Nanny Care, Nutrition for the young child, Special situations and Professionalism, and Creating an environment that encourages learning.
The aspirant will learn from the experts in this field and provide practical knowledge that ensures the aspirant handle children safely. The various courses teach the students: to make a career out of this, to know deeply regarding children's health, teaching about the hazardous articles, cover the nutritional and social needs, discover the patterns of the child and many more.
To know more, visit or contact them :
Address: 41-42, Virk Complex, Opposite Narendra Cinema 
Central Market, Jalandhar 
Contact No: 999-602-9990
Timings : 9am - 6pm 

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