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Top 5 online AutoCAD Training Course Institutes in Panchkula

Autocad Training Online

Top 5 Autocad Online Training Institute in Panchkula With Affordable Price

Autocad is a CAD i.e. a computer-aided design software which was developed by the company named "Autodesk" in the year 1982. John Walker is said to be the “Father of AutoCAD”.  AutoCAD Course in panchkula lets you draw and edit 3D and 2D designs more rapidly and has resulted in saving a lot of time and money. 

Digital designs have allowed bringing one’s idea into reality more efficiently and have made life much easier. Thus, AutoCAD helps in easy edits, provides better accuracy, reduces errors and last of all the files can be easily stored and saved in the cloud, which makes it accessible to open anytime. 

Before, we dig deep into the top 5 Autocad training institutes in Panchkula , let’s go through the applications of AutoCAD software and the jobs provided after the coaching.

What are the uses or applications of Autocad Software?

 We can see the applications of this software in several industries such as :

1)    1)  In the Fashion industries
2)    2)   In Mechanical industries
3)    3)  As an Architectural planning tool
4)    4) As an Engineering drafting tool
5)    5)  In 3D printing

  Use of AutoCAD software is:

1)    1)  Helps to increase productivity
2)    2) Stores data more easily
3)    3) Acquiring a craft
4)    4) Reduces error
5)    5) Greater efficiency
6)    6) More accuracy
7)    7) Time and money are saved

 What Jobs can you get after AutoCAD Training Chandigarh? 

 After the completion of training, the aspirants can get jobs in fields/ job titles such as :

1)  1)    CAD Operator
2)  2)   Architect
3)  3)   Illustrator
4)  4)  Designer
5)  5)  Civil Drafter
6)  6)  Electrical Drafter
7)  7)  Modeler
8)  8)  Drafter
9)  9) CAD Technician
    10) Engineer

There are many jobs offered after the Autocad training.  So, you can estimate how much use the learning of this software has for the engineers, architects, and many more other professions mentioned above.

To get you the best coaching in Panchkula, we have listed down the top 5 AutoCAD training institutes in Panchkula.

Top 5 AutoCAD  Course Institutes in Panchkula are : 

1)  Cadd Centre Panchkula

The top AutoCAD training institute in Panchkula is the CADD Centre Panchkula. Gain expertise under the guidance of the best professionals, great and experienced staff. The trainers here provide a friendly atmosphere to the aspirants. CADD CENTRE provides 6 months / 6 weeks of software training in AutoCAD for Civil , Electrical, Mechanical.
The institute imparts practical knowledge by giving a chance to work on 500+ design projects. Secondly, it provides assistance in job placements, and lastly, both online and offline coaching is provided. So, to learn and get a deep knowledge about the AutoCAD software and study in a comfortable yet friendly environment; CADD Centre is the best choice.
To know more, visit or contact them :
Address: SCO 38, 2nd floor
Sector 11, Panchkula
Contact No : 0172 417 4488
0816 838 9956
Timings: 9 am – 8 pm
2)  Easyweb Solutions 
Easy web solutions is an ISO Certified center. Except for the courses, they provide their student's several services such as - interview preparation, personality development classes, various training programs, best industrial training, practical knowledge by making the students work on live projects, which further builds a strong CV.
The number of course provided by them are - Advanced C, C++, AutoCAD, Android, Java, etc. The training programs vary from 1 year / 3 months /6 months /45 days for  BCA, MCA, students of B.Tech Engineering, Polytechnic Diploma, M.Sc (IT), and many other aspiring candidates. An additional point to be noted is that Easyweb Solutions has started providing online classes. So, what are you waiting for?

 To know more, visit or contact them :

Address: 1st floor, Office no. 113, Tricity Plaza
Adjoining Panchkula, Sector 20
Contact no: 09803266066
Timings: 9 am – 7 pm
3)   Brainwave Infotech 
Brainwave Infotech in Panchkula is another center where several courses including AutoCAD coaching are provided. The institute aims at imparting practical and sufficient knowledge to its students. It is one of the leading businesses in software training, computer training and provides professional knowledge to the aspirants.

The main aim of every institute is to provide the students with all the matter so that they can succeed in their lives, their aim is to transfer all the knowledge to the aspirants to make a way for their career. And, so is the aim of Brainwave Infotech i.e. to provide guidance under professionals and help in shaping one’s career.

To know more, visit or contact them :
Address: SCO 24, 2nd floor 
Sector 11, Panchkula 
Contact No: 7018568180
Timings : 8 :30 am - 7 :30 pm 
4)   CAD Training Institute
Another leading business in computer software training is CAD Training Institute. It has been offering professional training in AutoCAD, Java, CAD, software, computer, and many more courses since 2011. Practical knowledge is imparted and the professionals or students are made to work on live projects.
 As practical work is important in this field, so it's much necessary to choose institutes that impart theoretical and practical expertise. Both short-term and certificate courses are provided. Flexible timings and a friendly atmosphere make it more suitable to learn and receive any type of education.
Including many other services, online classes are also provided here.

To know more, visit or contact them :

Address: SCO 40, 2ND Floor, Amartex road
Sector 11, Panchkula

Contact No: 0911589228

Timings: 9am – 8pm

Health and safety are kept in mind.

5)    MMC Computers

Last but not the least is the MMC Computers with an experience of 21 years in the field of IT training. This institute has provided training to over 45k aspirants. It’s a government-recognized institute that provides 100 % placement support to the professionals under training here.

The company stays up to date with the new technologies coming around and the courses are designed by the professionals after sufficient research. The number of courses provided by they are: Autocad ( the latest version ), Core Java, C, C++, Advanced Java and many more.

To have a detailed information regarding several courses they provide, you can either contact MMC Computers or visit them :

Address: Sector 16 , Panchkula

Contact No:  708 771 3339 

Timings: 9am - 7 pm 

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